Implication & Impact of Instagram

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

In my business I use many forms of social media for my marketing.  I use very little for personal use.  In the last few weeks, I started a new business and the majority of my connections are made through Instagram.

With over 800 million active users, Instagram is a powerhouse.  They have also added features that increase engagement, let shoppers make purchases right from posts that are sponsored and they give a full range of analytics to help you up your game.  The platform is so powerful, the reach is so wide and the audience is willing to buy if the marketing is done right.  Instagram users are more engaged than other social media audiences and they are shoppers.  According to, “72% of Instagram users report making a purchase decision after seeing something on Instagram, with the most popular categories being clothing, makeup, shoes, and jewelry.”

Instagram users have disposable income (AdEspresso, 2018):

  • 31% of people who make more than 75k per year are on Instagram
  • 32% of people who make between 50k-74k per year are on Instagram
  • 32% of people who bring in 30k to 49k per year are on Instagram

The business I am in is to help entrepreneurs grow their audience on social media.  My market is worldwide and while my audience could be anyone who wants to accomplish better engagement and larger audiences my analytics show that most of my engagement comes from London and it is users 25-34 and just over half is male.  The shocked me in every way.  I went in with a marketing strategy and I was targeting women, mainly single moms who need to earn like I do and might want to stay at home like me.  My page feed is branded to have softer tones, my logo has some pink and my website is somewhat soft but not overly feminine.  What is interesting is that one word choice in my business name is likely what took it to London.  Also, as I go through and engage with others to build my audience, I don’t care where they are or even if they speak English.  I engage with them.  And to my surprise, they engage back.

Graphics, videos and eye-catching material with a call to action is the key on this platform.  It moves fast.  You have about three seconds to grab a users attention.

For me, the purchases I have made through Instagram are plenty and the ads are very well done.  I despise click bait and I know enough to know when someone is promising the moon for next to nothing so that is not considered.  I think brand messaging can be stronger on Instagram than on other brands because you have such an opportunity to create a brand story.  This intrigues me.  In my case, my mentor is someone who is an Instagram expert.  I saw a sponsored ad for a free webinar and I have been to hundreds of these and I get sick of the 30 minutes of sales pitching that goes on.  But I went to this ladies feed and the amount of good content she was providing was a feast.  I learned so much just from her static posts and her videos, that I knew, she was going to go deeper.  And she did.  She spent an hour really teaching and giving very valuable content for FREE and at the very end spend 30 seconds telling us there was a masterclass and how to get it.  I was sold, even before getting on the webinar but her sponsored ad was so well done, that I got to that webinar.  She is now my mentor and coaching me and it has been life changing.

Resources: (2018).  The 30 Instagram statistics you need to know in 2018. (2019).  Instagram marketing, the definitive guide 2019. (2019).  Photo credit.


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